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Fresh Baked THC Chocolate Chip Cookies, 25mg - 250mg each. Just like Gma made! Crunchy outside and a soft, chewy inside, and no 'green' taste!
Fresh Baked THC Sugar Cookies. Just like mom made! Crunchy bottoms and a soft, chewy inside, with no 'green' taste!
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Perfectly crafted gummies with THC/CBD mixed right in really well. Not too chewy or soft, not covered in sugar or cornstarch, and no soy products.
These THC Sugar Cookies are sure to give you TheRightFeels!! Made with Delta-9 THC distillate mixed with full spectrum extract in each cookie, they are sure to ease your pains and bring you into a relaxing and blissful state of being.
With very little to no pot taste, these medicated cookies are baked to perfection, just like you will be after eating them! They’ve got a crunchy outside with a soft and chewy inside, so hard not to eat the whole bag!!