baking with love

And Cannabis

a family tradition

our story

Our founder comes from a very long line of proud and professional bakers. Raised on homemade bread and Nanaimo bars, the gummies and other edibles available just did not taste very good and were not consistent at all.

A decision was made to work on providing the benefits of consuming cannabis, carefully put into a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie! This was an instant hit, and now we make many other pieces of goodness that just give you the same RightFeels, every time.

Amanda Brown


Epic food starts with great ingredients! #bcbuylocal
We buy most ingredients by hand at local small businesses and farm markets. We choose only the freshest & highest quality, natural and organic items whenever possible.
Throughout the year we try to create special items that utilize fruits and vegetables currently in season. And we get these from the best local farm markets in the Fraser Valley, as well as directly from the Okanagan!


Baked right in, our edibles are never sprayed or dipped!
Great care and pride is taken in ensuring our baked goods are accurately and consistently dosed with only the highest quality THC and CBD extracts. We completely emulsify the extracts with butter or other ingredients before using them in our baking and other items, making sure everything is well mixed in. This way we're sure that our products will give you the same RightFeels, over and over again!
Be careful though, since we do actually put 100mg of THC in our 100mg cookies, they're probably more potent than other edibles you've had in the past.. If anything, they're might be 101mg as we like to err on the side of more, not less!

Never eating a gummy again!

cindy & john

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Absolutely not! We mix it right in at the beginning of the recipe, and even go as far as adding in the bigger items -like chocolate chips or cranberries- after we weight out the right dose, ensuring it’s accurate to the milligram!

Each item is a little different, but for the most part our baked goods will be best for 3-5 days. You may be able to store them in the fridge to make them last longer. And you can most likely freeze them for months. Check the products description post for more information.

We tend not to use any preservatives, however we do use Organic Sunflower Lecithin in most of our items. This is a natural item that binds the oil and water together, keeping the cannabis from ‘sweating out’, and also making them stay fresher for an extra day or two.

We’re more than happy to help you! Just text us at 604-262-1119 or Contact Us!